Family Encounters

Family Encounters

Family festival goers can discover a world of wonder in our intergalatic key family areas which are packed full of cool science shows, hands-on activities, amazing animations, a dazzling array of surprising tricks, science superheroes and weird brain illusions - all designed for the young and young at heart!

On Saturday and Sunday morning you can take part in a variety of family friendly activities starting at 08.30 am. Join us for the Tiny Explorers walk investigating “alien” flora and fauna in the arboretum - we are setting off in our rocket to land on a foreign planet! Make a Bee & Bee home for bees with bamboo from our arboretum. If you are aiming for the stars, you need to learn how to fly, so come and make your own set of wings with willow grown in our gardens. Find out how much power is hidden in the wind and how we can harness it: have a go at making a wind turbine. In the afternoon why not join in some fast paced outdoor group games in the gardens such as hide & spy, the hunting sparrow hawk or the alpha wolf.

From cosmic interactions with singing astronauts, to wind-powered sculpture and a colony of sonic blue dots, Bluedot 2017 presents a programme of space and science inspired art. 'How I Hacked My Way Into Space' is not to be missed: enter the highest-tech shed imaginable, complete with pyro rockets, NASA screens and revolving satellites.

When you are sitting comfortably, experience an intimate show about the fine line between obsession and madness, and the glorious possibilities for scientists and artists to work together, by the acclaimed UnLimited Theatre. Bluedot 2017 will also welcome back the celestial processions by Handmade Parade, the immersive Outer Space area in the wooded Arboretum and a nightly illuminated spectacle on the Lovell Telescope.

The Star Field - Discuss and explore the latest discoveries with our very own festival scientists in a series of tents and stalls packed with scientific displays, games and interactive experiments.

The Space Pavilion- Enjoy high energy interactive shows and catch dazzling science demostrations.

Mission Control - The exhibition area will bring to life a collection of artefacts and models on display, ready to inspire all ages. Take part in a fun interactive workshop to create your very own bluedot badge (2pm on Friday and 2.30 pm on Saturday and Sunday), plus try your hand in some electrical engineering and solder your kit together to make a rainbow cycling LED badge - the perfect festival accessory!

The Arboretum - Enjoy the fresh air, and a sumptuous picnic while the children run free in our kids play area and become the next Jedi in our brand new Star Wars Light Saber training camp.

The Lovell Stage
Mission Control
Space Pavilion
Star Pavilion
The Star Field
Planet Field
Miracoco Luminarium - Architects of Air
The G'Astronomy Village
Micro Brewing & Real Ale Festival
The Arboretum
Family Encounters
The Outer Space
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