Katena Luminarium - Architects of Air

Katena Luminarium - Architects of Air

“Suddenly the world outside seemed to be forgotten, we had all been transported into a whole other world of light.”

From outer space to inner space, this incredible immersive experience invites you to enter a unique and new structure and be moved to a sense of wonder at the beauty of its light and colour.

Through labyrinthine tunnels and cavernous domes, visitors can explore a visually stunning environment of luminosity or simply relax and meditate in a world apart, drenched in radiant colour.

KATENA - Katena takes its name from the catenary curve - the shape of a chain suspended between 2 points. Gaudi used suspended chains when he designed the Sagrada Familia. The catenary has a visual sympathy with pneumatic forms and in Katena. Entering the airlock provides the first encounter with the catenary as the airlock windows are in the form of the inverted catenary. Proceeding then to the first of the 3 dodecahedral domes the catenary makes its appearance as a motif generated by displaced seams. Catenary curves may be found elsewhere in the structure – altogether there are more than 100. The Main Dome of Katena is said to resemble a pineapple and has been likened to a Hindu temple from the inside. Its construction was particularly intricate with a fine mesh of riveted and sewn reinforcement defining the shape and over 200 colour spots swirling upward to a green finial.


Luminarium is designed by Alan Parkinson.

The luminarium is accessible to wheelchair users and people with mobility difficulties.

Children under the age of 16 must be accompanied by an adult (maximum 4 children per adult)

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Prepare to become immersed in colour and sound.

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Katena Luminarium - Architects of Air
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