The G'Astronomy Village

The G'Astronomy Village

Welcome to a food festival of ultimate discovery! 

The G'astronomy Village is no ordinary street food offering. Prepare for a walk through a taste sensation of carefully curated cuisine, with top quality, cosmos-inspired food and drink. With a bounty of meat free and dairy free offerings, veggie and vegan discoverers are set to be just as stuffed as anyone else.

It's not just a feast for the body but a feast for the mind too. Why does this Japanese steamed bun taste so amazing? Why does a pizza need to be cooked so hot for such a short space of times? How did the bubbles get in my Champagne? You deserve answers! And answers will be given. Come find them in the G'Astronomy Village, where sensory eating experiences will abound. 

Enjoy some food for thougt while sampling what food offering will be at bluedot 2017 here

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The G'Astronomy Village
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