When is Bluedot and what are the timings?

The festival will run from Thursday 20 July – Sunday 24 July 2023. Our box office, campsites and car parks opening times are:

Car park12:00Open 08:0024 hour24 hourClose 13:00
Weekend camping12:00 – 21:00*09:00 – 21:0009:00 – 21:0009:00 – 21:0009:00 – 12:00
Thursday ticket17:00 – 21:00
Friday ticket09:00 – 21:00
Saturday ticket09:00 – 21:00
Sunday ticket09:00 – 21:00

How will the traffic be affected in the area?

The traffic management plan for bluedot 2023 is similar to previous years, with a ‘temporary road closure’ again. For previous events, the advertised road closure worked extremely well and helped alleviate traffic congestion on the roads surrounding Jodrell Bank over the festival period. Traffic congestion is particularly disruptive to local residents and businesses. Please note that the ‘temporary road closure’ is a deterrent to through traffic, where unnecessary vehicles are added to the local road network. This closure does not apply to local residents, businesses, visitors or Bluedot customers.

In an effort mitigate congestion, permission has been sought by the Local Authority to temporarily close the A535, should there be prolonged queues as a result of Bluedot Festival. The plan is to close the road in one direction to vehicles and send all Jodrell Bank traffic around surrounding main roads to enter from the opposite direction. For example, should there be a large volume of traffic travelling westbound through Holmes Chapel, causing queueing on the A535, the road in that direction will be closed to Bluedot traffic, the signage will be changed to send it north on the A50, right on to Seven Sister Lane then South on the A537, to bring the traffic in Eastbound to Jodrell Bank. This can also be done in the reverse. This will buy time to clear the queue and stop more traffic adding to the congestion.

Additionally, there will be signs advising of possible queues, and expected delays in advance and throughout the festival. This is an attempt to minimise through traffic during the event.

The road closure will not be manned and therefore cars will not be stopped. The way the road closure will be implemented is not intended to disrupt local day to day activity. At all times, local residents, businesses and visitors will be permitted through road closures and allowed to continue with their daily routine. Please note that the road closure will be implemented as required and will not be in position on a permanent basis.


After reconfiguring the layout of the live in vehicle area at Bluedot and discussion with Cheshire East Highways, there will be a temporary one-way system in place, as required, on part of Bomish Lane, Cross Lane and Bridge Lane for a short period while Bluedot customers are arriving and leaving the festival.

Please see the map below detailing further information of the one-way system for the arrivals. For the departures Sunday 23 July PM and Monday 24 July AM, the route will be reversed. There will be traffic management signage in place directing the one-way system when it is place. We appreciate your cooperation and apologise for any inconvenience.

The reason why this has been put in place is to maintain vehicle movement and prevent the possibility of vehicles meeting head on.

What is the noise management plan and how do I report any issues? 

Details of noise the noise management plan can be found here.

How can I get residents’ tickets?

Details on how to order are available on the Residents Tickets page.