AND Presents – Jodrell Bank Calling

Soup Collective Duration 17 minutes

In 1966 the physicist and radio astronomer Sir Bernard Lovell was interviewed for a prologue to 2001: A Space Odyssey. Taking the original transcript alongside archival and film footage representing Bernard Lovell’s legacy, Jodrell Bank Calling uses analogue video synthesis and digital visualisation techniques to reflect on a pivotal time in the history of space exploration. Paying homage to the crossover of those two great minds at Jodrell Bank nearly half a century ago. The film was originally commissioned by Abandon Normal Devices for Watch the Skies! In October 2014 and projected onto the Lovell Telescope as part of the BFI’s blockbuster Sci-Fi season, Days of Fear and Wonder.


Commissioned by Abandon Normal Devices and produced in partnership with Jodrell Bank and Live from Jodrell Bank Transmissions. Funded with the support of the BFI, awarding funds from The National Lottery. Directed by: Michael England and Annie Woodson Produced by: Mark Thomas With special thanks to Warner Bros. Pictures International, The Kubrick Estate and dialogue inspired by the: Are We Alone?: The Stanley Kubrick Extraterrestrial Intelligence Interviews (2005).


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