Big Question Time Panel chaired by Matthew Cobb

A panel of scientists from the University of Manchester, who are experts in topics ranging from astronomy through to zoology, will discuss the ‘Big Questions’ of science and technology and answer questions from the audience. Our first Big Question is: ‘Will we ever conquer the stars?; and we will take it from there…. Have you ever wondered what are the technological limits to space travel? Are any alien civilizations out there? How humans might react to cooped up on a spaceship for decades? Or what might we expect when we step onto an alien world? Come and join the session and ask us anything!

Chaired by Matthew Cobb, panel includes David Kirby, Aravind Vijayaraghavan, Dr Sheena Cruickshank, Professor Danielle GeorgeProfessor Tim O’Brien

Image courtesy of ESO/Y. Beletsky

Dot Talks, Mission Control Sunday 2017

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