Community Mapping Uganda

We have been working since 2017 to put remote and previously un-mapped regions of the world ‘on the map’. Here, we are mapping Northern Uganda to support the provision of prosthetic limbs and rehabilitation to the many thousands of people who lost limbs during the prolonged conflict that devastated the region. The maps are also made freely available to other researchers, charities and organisations to support many other projects in the region.

Visitors can contribute directly to the map by tracing features such as roads, paths and buildings using high-resolution satellite imagery. They can also use our cutting-edge Centaur VGI Artificial Intelligence (AI) system, which suggests buildings to you for approval, adjustment or rejection – making the mapping process more efficient!

Joining us will contribute valuable data to the map, as well as providing a great opportunity to learn more about how technologies such as AI can be used to address to humanitarian crises, and how members of the public can make a meaningful contribution to humanitarian efforts through engaging with programmes like this one. Visitors will also get the opportunity to provide feedback about our mapping systems, which will be incorporated into the design of future systems and research.

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