BTTF Film Replicas was born from a love of the Back To The Future trilogy and came about from the vision for any fan sharing the same passion to be able to hire the film’s iconic stainless-steel cars to recreate such fabulous memories of the 80’s and dreams of time travel.

BTTF is the only company outside the USA with two of the finest film replicas money can buy! Our exceptional cars, Mr Plutonium and Mr Fusion have been built in the heart of Texas by the prestigious and world-famous Bob’s Prop Shop USA with no expense spared, and transported with the upmost care to the UK, ready for hire for anyone who wants to truly impress or relive the 80’s and the BTTF cult films.

Based in Cheshire we travel throughout the UK and Europe to bring BTTF excitement to private, commercial and charity events as well as for your big day where we provide a professional chauffeured service for weddings.

BTTF are thrilled to be part of such an inspirational and award-winning event. We can’t wait to see our time machines set against the Blue Dot Festival backdrop of the iconic Lovell Telescope at Jodrell Bank and soak up the live science event. 

Mission Control Friday 2017, Saturday 2017, Sunday 2017

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