22-25 July 2021 Jodrell Bank Observatory


Already one of our favourite albums of 2015The Guardian

LoneLady is Julie Campbell, and vice versa – there is little artifice involved, but rather a symbiosis between art and creator that manifests itself in the kind of poetic, deeply personal and unapologetic work that becomes timeless music. HINTERLAND comes like a bolt from the dark. At its core beats a special kind of uncomplicated drum machine rhythm and the synthetic timbre of percussion that recalls fractured memories of minimal wave and even early techno, lashed together with LoneLady’s deceptively intricate and propulsive style of guitar playing.

HINTERLAND also expands LoneLady’s previously stark approach into more colourful and kaleidoscopic dimensions. Campbell plays all instruments except real drums and produced HINTERLAND to near-completion in her home studio.