Mitigation on methadone: Paris, climate change & utopian technology

With sixteen of the seventeen warmest years on record having occurred since 2000; with oceans both warming and acidifying; and with unequivocal scientific evidence that burning fossil fuels is the principal cause; – what can we do to rapidly reduce emissions?

This presentation will revisit the scale of the climate challenge, arguing that whilst the science of climate change has progressed, we obstinately refuse to acknowledge the rate at which our emissions from energy need to be reduced. The Paris Agreement exemplifies this duality – relying as it does on highly speculative negative emission technologies (NETs) to balance incremental tweaks to a ‘business-as-usual’ model with rapidly dwindling carbon budgets for 2°C. Similarly, the eloquent rhetoric of green growth continues to eclipse analysis demonstrating the need for radical social as well as technical change.

Tackling these issues head on and based on scientifically robust carbon budgets, this presentation will outline an alternative framing of mitigation and offer a vision of a genuinely low-carbon future.

Presented by Kevin Anderson

Image courtesy of Flikr/Marcus Kösters

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