Nicholas Mai – DJ Set

Imagine if the Millennium Falcon had a velvet-roped VIP room; the Enterprise had an illuminated dance floor; or Serenity’s private quarters were adorned with glitterballs. Suppose the Mars Curiosity Rover discovered a cantina bar; the original colonists of LV-426 partied at a Geiger-inspired recreation of NYC’s The Loft; or Knowhere opened its very own cosmic Studio 54. This could well be the sounds to shake your green behind; nod your third head or tap a furry foot to. This is a disco for a distant dimension….

Nicholas Mai is a Manchester-based bar/club/restaurant/event DJ; near neighbour of Jodrell Bank; and an avid fan of sci-fi movies. And blue milk. Send him a Tweet – @DJNicholasMai

Orbit Friday 2018

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