QET LABS, the university of bristol

Quest Quantum

From quantum gaming to laser jigsaw puzzles, ‘Quest Quantum’ brings you closer to the fascinating world of quantum science and technology. By using light on a nanoscale and exploring the realms of non-classical Physics, our scientists are working towards transforming everyday technology, taking us places yet to be discovered. Meet our researchers and find out how quantum could reshape the world around us! 

Over fifty years ago, we sent mankind to the moon with a computer as powerful as today’s calculators. Nowadays, computers millions of times more powerful are in everything, from your washing machine to satellites. But what comes next? Discover how we’re using light to build the first generation of quantum computers. Try your hands at guiding light through our optical jigsaw puzzle, take on the world’s smallest treasure hunt on our quantum chips, and programme our very own quantum computer simulator! If a calculator can take us to the moon, where could a quantum computer take us?

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