Sarah Bridle

Proffessor Sarah Bridle obtained her PhD from the University of Cambridge, UK in 2000 and was made full Professor at the University of Manchester, UK in 2013, after research in France, Cambridge (UK) and London.

She has had prestigious awards in the UK and Europe including a Royal Society University Research Fellowship, the Royal Astronomical Society’s Fowler Award and in the past year finished a European Research Council Starting Grant and started an ERC Consolidator Grant. She is author of over 70 refereed publications which have over 3500 citations.

Most of her work is focussed on trying to uncover the nature of dark energy using data from the biggest ongoing cosmological imaging survey, the Dark Energy Survey, which is imaging one eighth of the sky and measuring shapes and approximate distances to 300 million objects. Prof Bridle is also Project Scientist of the LSST:UK consortium which enables hundreds of UK scientists to join the international LSST project led by SLAC, which will image the entire southern hemisphere once every 3 nights for the coming decade.

Talk: Seeing the Invisible: Observing the Dark Side of the Universe

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