Space Walk Parade

Illuminated wanderers, goggled percussionists and celestial caricatures… just a few of the wonderments you can expect to encounter at bluedot this year. Following the storm success of bluedot’s nightly Celestial Parades, a spectacular procession(s) is on the cards. Expect nightly parades, space-themed walkabout, interactive sci-fi performers and, if we’re lucky, a storm trooper garrison (to be confirmed—watch this space).

The Space Walk will be headed up by the Stilt Batteristas, who are a world class group of percussionists who perform unique street rhythms using bespoke instruments and costumes whilst on Stilts.

bluedot is working with local schools to create a illuminated installation of Pulsar lanterns which go into the parade. The workshops have been designed in close collaboration with the bluedot team, the Jodrell Bank education team, and each school’s staff, and link in a real and measurable way to the school’s science curriculum.

Catch this roaming the arena 11PM Friday and Saturday night.

Private: Family Fun Friday 2017, Saturday 2017

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