The Membranes

In 2011 the influential UK post punk band the Membranes reformed to play ATP Festival at the request of their former support band, My Bloody Valentine – who also once featured a member of the membranes in their line up. A year later Shellac asked the band to play another ATP and the band decided to record a new album.

Their 2015 double the acclaimed ‘Dark Matter/Dark Energy’ is a critically acclaimed comeback that has been played all over 6 music and sees the band at the height of their powers after a 26 year break.

After John Robb saw an Estonian choir and collaborated with them in Tallinn for a sold out event the gig has been much in demand across Europe with festival and headline dates throughout 2016.

The BIMM choir weave in traditional folk songs and drone melodies written by the band into the groups songs from the acclaimed Dark Matter/Dark Energy album which has been getting great reviews in the press and lots of radio play on 6music. the band’s first album for 26 years is a double album about death and the universe and has somehow become their best selling album and seen the group tour the world.

The concert will be unique one off event and is also a launch party for the band’s remix album called ‘Inner Space/Outer Space and features remixes of whole of the Dark Matter/Dark Energy album by Killing Joke, Manic Street Preachers, Einsturzende Neubauten, Therapy, Cosey Fanni, Keith Levene, Reverend And The Makers, Mark Lanegan, Clint Mansell, Godflesh and many others…

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