Nebula Saturday 2023

Tor’s gift for making people move has taken her across the UK and abroad, where she holds residencies in numerous venues and festivals. An original member of the all-female collective Frau DJs, Tor’s endlessly energetic sets evokes memories of youthful passion and mischief, never missing an opportunity to join her audiences for a dance. Her act becomes a captivating dream-like sequence, with an eclectic mix that transcends specific generations and genres, never failing to connect with every individual on the dance floor. 

Adam’s notoriously energetic mixing style keeps crowds dancing and entertained for hours. With an infectious passion and knowledge for music he can blend genres seamlessly. His renowned ability to get the party started has led him to work with many brands and venues across the UK and Europe, including becoming resident DJ for Jimmy’s Iced Coffee, performing sets in Ibiza and DJing large-scale festivals up and down the country.

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