bluedot returns to the UNESCO World Heritage Site of Cheshire’s Jodrell Bank from Thursday 25 July to Sunday 28 July 2024.

2023 ticketholders will automatically get early access to our Thank You Pre-Sale – details coming soon.

Join the waitlist now to access Early Bird pricing for bluedot 2024, plus the chance to win 4 VIP Weekend passes with luxury airstream accommodation. Limited Early Birds will be landing soon and we hope you can join us!

See you soon for another whirlwind weekend in outer space…

As the sun rises on a new day and all our bluedot explorers are safely off site, we’d like to take a moment to thank and celebrate those who made sure the show could go on. bluedot 2023 was able to take place as the result of an extraordinary effort from a huge variety of tirelessly hard-working teams and organisations committed to your happiness and wellbeing. So please join us in celebrating the heroes of bluedot – the teams at Jodrell Bank and the University of Manchester, the local landowners and farmers, campsite and accessibility teams, car park and welfare stewards, the volunteers, production staff – from technicians to electricians and plumbers – artists, dancers, painters, crafters, riggers and runners, the pint-pourers, and the many more, without whom bluedot would be just an idea. They make your bluedot come to life.

Most of all, we must thank you – our wonderful bluedot explorers – who, despite everything, waded through mud to surf the cosmic waves to achieve something against the odds; an amazing collective action to make fun, wonder and joy our world, just for a few days. We deeply appreciate the support we have received, both on site and online. The community of music, science and culture fans we are so fortunate to host, has come together stronger than ever. 

Our sincere apologies again to those who could not join us on the last day, which was a heartbreaking decision. Having had a chance now to see the extent of the challenges we faced, we hope you understand our predicament and our reasoning. We are happy to share the update that all our ticket agents have now confirmed Sunday ticketholders will receive refunds directly within 5 days. We have created an FAQs for anybody expecting a refund – please scroll down this page.

As we continue the busy few days of packing down the festival and returning Jodrell Bank to its full glory, it won’t be long until we start looking at 2024. Many of you have already signed up for the first Early Bird tickets for next year. We would today like to update you that we are pushing back our planned onsale of 2024 tickets, until we have successfully dealt with all refunds. Our number one priority right now is getting refunds to the explorers who planned to join us with Sunday day tickets. It isn’t fair to ask you to buy a ticket for 2024 when we’re still making good on our promise to you. Please standby for further updates on 2024 tickets soon – you can continue to sign up for the waitlist and more news at 

In the meantime, we would like to paraphrase the words of our original inspiration for bluedot – Dr. Carl Sagan. In the vastness of space and the immensity of time, it is our joy to share this weekend once a year with you.

Until next time, and with love,

The bluedot team

2023 – Assistance and lost property

If you would like to get in touch with us regarding a query about bluedot 2023 or lost property from the weekend, please drop us an e-mail at