The festival operates under the same laws so you do need to be 18 to bring, buy and consume alcohol on site. We operate a Challenge 25 Policy so please do not be offended if we ask you for proof of age when buying alcohol.

Is there a limit on the amount of alcohol I can bring?
We allow weekend campers to bring a reasonable amount of alcohol into the campsite (enough for one person to consume).

Can I take alcohol into the arena?
Alcohol is not allowed to be brought into the arena as we have arranged some fantastic bars for you to drink from. Plus, it keeps ticket prices low.

What are the bar prices?
The bar prices haven’t been confirmed yet, but as always we try to keep the bar prices in line with other festivals and offer our festival-goers good value.

Will there be somewhere I can buy festival essentials?
Our General Store in the Campsite Hub will stock all the sorts of festival vitals that we’ve learnt you can’t do without.

Can I charge my mobile?
Yes you can, we have a phone charging station on site, you can purchase it in advance via our ticket page.

Will there be lockers?
Yep, there will be lockers to keep your valuables safe. The lockers will be located at the Campsite Hub and you can purchase this in advance.

Will there be security?
We will have security on site 24 hours a day to ensure you are looked after.

What size tent can I bring?
We ask you to respect other campers and to not bring any tent bigger than an eight-man tent.


Do you do day tickets?

Yep! We will be unveiling all our day information including day splits in the next month, keep your eyes peeled!

Can I bring my own sound system to bluedot with OVO Energy?
It is a condition of us gaining our licence that no private sound-systems or generators will be allowed onto the festival site.

Can I bring a camping chair in the arena?
We don't allow camping chairs in the arena due to space issues, however there will be plenty of seating areas located around the festival.

Are there plenty of food options for my dietary requirements?
Yep! We always have a wide range of catering options to suit all dietary requirements.

Are there any more acts or content to be announced?
Yes we have only just got started! We have a full science and technology programme to announce, a film and gaming line-up and more music acts too. Keep your eyes pealed...

What time do the headliners finish?
Our main stage closes at 11pm, our late night stages then run until 2am Friday and Saturday and 1am Sunday. The Outer Space and the campsite hub run on a little later for those still up.

What is your drugs policy?
We operate a policy of prevent, pursue and protect. We work with the police and authorities to prevent drugs getting onto site, we pursue those that do and at all times do everything within our power to protect our customers from the dangers of drug use. The laws of the land are as relevant at the event as anywhere else.

Is bluedot with OVO Energy suitable for children?
It certainly is. We have built a wonderland for the next generation of scientists and artists to explore. With experiments, workshops, activities happening each day that the whole family can enjoy together bluedot with OVO Energy is the perfect place for all ages to enjoy themselves while being safe and sound.

Do you recycle the rubbish?
We employ litter-picking contractors who work to recycle the most they can from the waste coming from site. Please help us be greener by reducing the waste you create. Think about bringing less packaging and non-essentials with you when you pack for the weekend.

What do I do if I lose something?
The Info Point next to Merch on the walking route from the Campsite is the place to report any lost property. Overnight, lost property is looked after by the campsite manager who’s office is also in the Campsite Hub.
After the event has finished, you can contact us to see if your property was found on:

Can I bring my DSLR camera?

Yes, no problem! If you are taking press related photos, please contact our PR team Carousel PR in advance.

Can I bring a dog?
Animals are not permitted on site, with the exception of registered assistance dogs. Please inform us when booking your tickets if you are bringing a registered assistance dog so we can advise on facilities at the event.

I have an enquiry about my ticket, who do I speak to?
You need to contact the ticket agency that you purchased your ticket from. If it was from our website, this was Ticketline.

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