Bluedot 2017 promises over 50+ quick-fire lectures with leading scholars from around the World. The DotTalks programme spans all three days of the festival across two large venues, the 200-seat Wolfson Auditorium at the Star Pavilion (Star Field) and Mission Control (main arena).

The DotTalks programme will include presentations about the latest innovations and discoveries from the realms of cosmology and astrophysics, as well as talks on the birth and the history of the Universe. Researchers from the Jodrell Bank research centre will also reveal how the now 60-year-old Lovell Telescope is still used to search deep space for pulsars and radio waves.

DotTalks also includes a liberal programme of technology and culture-based talks, covering everything from how to eat in the future, to how the brain makes us laugh and the science of mindfulness. Highlights include an afternoon of discussions on the rise of Fake News, with leading journalists and politicians discussing whether the increasing trend towards distortion in our post-truth, post-Trump world threatens democracy itself, and an exploration of the Dark Web — a magical mystery tour around the darker side of the internet, where anyone can operate under a cloak of anonymity, and why we should care what happens there. This talk will be hosted by Geoff White, head of Technology for Channel 4.

Featuring –

The Lovell Stage
Mission Control
Space Pavilion
Star Pavilion
The Star Field
Planet Field
Miracoco Luminarium - Architects of Air
The G'Astronomy Village
Micro Brewing & Real Ale Festival
The Arboretum
Family Encounters
The Outer Space
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