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Science at bluedot


bluedot recognises the outward-looking aspect of human nature with our DotTalks, an array of lectures and panels held in the Mission Control and Star Pavilion areas, in which leading researchers tackle the universe's biggest topics: the hunt for gravitational waves, the search for life elsewhere using pulsars and radio waves, the challenge of climate change and much more.

Previous speakers include Richard Dawkins, Jim al-Khalili, Libby Jackson, Dallas Campbell, Mike Garrett, Wayne Coyne in conversation with Tim O'Brien, Anna Scaife, Suzie Imber, Alice Roberts and more.

The Space Pavilion

Explore the Space Pavilion and discover the awe-inspiring science of Jodrell Bank in our permanent exhibition.

This is also where you’ll find our workshop space where you can join us for a hands-on and interactive workshop session. Find out more about workshops and book your place on one at the Info Point.

Plus, don’t miss the Radiophonic Workshop in residence. Using found sounds, contributions from festival artists, ambient elements and technologies old and new, they’ll be creating original music and soundscapes from the festival right here in the Space Pavilion.

The Star Field and Planet Field

Curated by the team at Jodrell Bank, our Star and Planet Fields offer visitors the chance to discuss the latest thinking and innovation directly with scientists and researchers. The Star Field is best described as a science marketplace. Discuss the latest discoveries with scientists in a series of tents and stalls packed with scientific displays, games and interactive experiments. Meanwhile The Planet Field, our hive of kids activities, takes place within Jodrell Bank’s 35-acre Arboretum, focusing on ‘spaceship earth’, our fragile ‘blue dot’ planet, and the ways in which we look after the only planet we have ever known.

2018's bluedot included:
  • The Launch Pad: Get ready for lift off to begin your scientific journey. Perfect for budding young scientists, the Launch Pad is located in the South Star Field and includes three exciting new zones.
  • The Big Bang Lab: Be inspired by science by watching a fun and fact-packed live science show. Featuring interactive demonstrations, live experiments and even the occasional (controlled) explosion, the Big Bang Lab is perfect for all the family.
  • The Data Base: Get involved with real live research by helping to solve some of the biggest problems of the day.
  • The Work Shop: Get hands-on and learn a new skill with our SciTechsperts.